Friday, January 7, 2011

My 27th Birthday Weekend!

I don't know if I should say that I've had 27 birthday weekends, but I've definitely had 27 birthdays now. That's pretty crazy. I don't feel much different than when I was 17. Except I have noticed it's getting harder and harder for me to get up with any amount of grace after sitting indian style on the floor for awhile.

Although I may have decrepit knee joints, I have great friends and the start to the celebrations were quite awesome. There was some hiccups in the beginning. Iron Moto rolled my sushi "wrong", the hibachi chef had a battle of wills with me (I WON!), and they lied about karaoke. After that mess, we went to a better location for partying and lots of dancing was had. At least by me and Steve. Another thing I had a lot of was drinks. I would say I probably shouldn't have had that many, but at least I didn't puke in the car or anywhere else inappropriate. 

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