Wednesday, April 30, 2008

you know what our killer is? wolves.

For the past few days I've been pretty down and out because of an excruciating canker sore that grew from three little sores into one big massive beast. Drinking, eating, and talking are very difficult tasks. Even breathing through my mouth can hurt. Just constant pain that I can only describe as someone sawing through your lip with a serrated knife. I've never experienced this, but I think this is how it would feel probably. Though oddly enough, I fantasize about cutting my lip off a lot lately. Anyway, by the time this heals, I'm either never going to be able to drink green tea again or I am going to actually turn green. I've had like 800 cups. And I don't mean to sound complainy or anything. I just don't really have anything else to update about because it's the only thing I've been "doing". Just getting up late (though sporadically waking up through the night because of pain) and going to bed early (3am is really early for me) and aching. Be that as it may, today it was finally pretty outside and Gizmo and I enjoyed looking at it. Whenever I look out, he comes over and tries to jump/claw up to see too but is too small, so I lift him up. It's really cute. I tried to capture it as best as I could. Though it's a little bit scary when he sees my mom pull in the drive way and he tries to jump out the window. Many thanks to whoever invented window screens.

Monday, April 28, 2008

I'll tell you when I can whisper it in your ear

This is Hello Tokyo. They are from Brooklyn, NY. They are awesome. And I'm not just saying that because 75% of the band is a good friend of mine. They just released a new album called "Sell the Stars" and I went to their show/release party at the Fire in Philadelphia, PA on on Friday to picked it up and it's so awesome. My blog is far from being a music blog of any kind, but I would recommend this album to anyone! And now, I recommend it to you.

Friday, April 25, 2008

you always smile but in your eyes your sorrow shows

Though the weather was quite nice today, there was something a bit odd going on. Some sort of disease infiltrated the entire Cumberland County area. A disease I'll tentatively entitle 40 miles peritis. If you're worried that you've contracted this disease, here are the symptoms: Extremely slow acceleration. Excessive slow down for turns/stops. Excessive pre-turn blinkering. Decreased vision and ability to read signs. Lack of consideration for other drivers. Inability to drive over 40 miles per hour. An increased desire for gambling or sexual activities. Dry eyes. Cotton mouth. Alright, I might have embellished a little towards the end. But if you're suffering from any of these symptoms, please refrain from operating heavy machinery including your oversized yellow truck, bright yellow neon, or any other kind of car, motorcycle, or moped.

In other news, J&TY recieved their first check! Royalty check? No. Pay check? Not really. Our first internet sales check! We sold enough CDs on to warrant a checkity check check! woot woot! Now I just have to take this baby to the biggity bank! I hope there's more like these to come!

Actually, it would be even better if I was getting checks that I could actually spend. I need a job. It's just beyond pathetic at this point. I hate my life.

Could be worse though. I could be a prostitute named Shylah.

Monday, April 21, 2008

Better than anything that was on the radio..

When I told my mom I was going to see Army of Me an hour and a half away in Tom's River, she said, "Oh my God..", and I said, "They're worth it!" Well, friends, I was not wrong!!! So worth it!!

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Maybe, but maybe not

We played Studio LuLoo's despite the power being mercilessly cut. There wasn't any air conditioning and before we went on they switched power generators and the power stopped working and so Nathan did an accapella set through a Vitamin water bottle. I think it was probably our best show.. ever. That is, til they switched the generators back and the power started up again and the show went on. After hitting such a high with Nathan's solo performance, it was all down hill from there. And I lost a pint of sweat I'll never get back!

Friday, April 18, 2008

Apparently, we gave it to the right guy.

People that know me, have already heard about this, but for memory's sake I'm going to say a little something about it. And if you don't know me and you're wondering what's going on here, I'll explain. Jamie, Lisa, and I went to see Good Charlotte at the House of Blues and afterward we were super cool enough to be on the guest list for the private after party. Joel (Madden) DJed, Nicole (Richie) waved, Benji (Madden) talked on the phone, and we danced. Later Joel did not want to "lose his party" so we were unable to talk to him, but Paul (Thomas), the bassist, was brave and unafraid of losing anything and stopped to talk with us. Turned out to be the best possible situation. We chatted with him for a while and gave him a copy of our CD. Mind you, we've given it to a handful of other "professial musicians" and never heard anything back. Well, the very next day he left the above pictured comment. I'm consistently looking for validation that doing this isn't absolutely a waste of time and that's a pretty good one right there. Not only did a successful musician give his approval, but a musician from a band that I love. It's very encouraging. I wasn't sure if he would listen at all, let alone listen right away and then come and connect back with us. It's just so awesome. haha I don't know how to express it! But I'm definitely going to remember this if I ever get anywhere in this business. Never going to get too busy or important! And to end this, I love Paul! ♥

Thursday, April 17, 2008

I want to see everything you have to offer me

As I briefly said in my last post, I had more news than just Gizmo being cute and Google being stupid. Madness was afoot at the Bus Stop Cafe yesterday evening and it was worthy of two camera coverage. The brilliance isn't accurately captured in my photos, but the video Lisa got will no doubt express things a little better. But Jamie, seen here bamboozled at the sight of a foreign, un-Yet related bass, was a temporary Atomic Orphan. She played a mean E string which really added a special flare to the fantastic display of musical craftsmenship. Perhaps if she sticks it out with them she'll be able to at least teach a certain someone that if he's going to cover "Sanctuary" than he'll have to learn that it's not called "Sacrifice". That it in fact has no mention of the word "sacrifice" what so ever. Though I'm sure "Sacrifice" could be wonderful. Anything the Atomic Orphan's put their stamp on is by no means mind blowing. So I have no doubt that "Sanctuary" done as "Sacrifice" would be nothing less!

In other completely unrelated news, Gizmo got a haircut and a bloody foot today. Yeah, big day for the Mo. He was like a brand new dog when he came plopping back into my room this afternoon fresh from gettin his hairrr did. And as we do most afternoons, we were running around in the backyard. My mother joined us and somewhere in the mix Gizmo completely broke one of his nails. I came inside after him and I noticed there was like a circle of red paw prints. At first we thought maybe it was Zoee. That is until Gizmo stepped on my foot and I then had blood on it! I didn't have time to be grossed out, though. When my baby is bleeding I don't really care too much about anything else. And he was growling and pretty upset, but it was okay. I held him and my mom washed it and put antiseptic on it and I managed to NOT cry! hizzah!

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

I am just feeling under the weather

My head is killing me, but this picture makes life feel a little more worth living!

And on a completely unrelated note, why is Google video being a total tool? Yesterday I tried to upload two videos on there (because they're bigger than 100MB) and usually it works fine, but now when it's done (and it takes FOREVER) I'll go to see it and it's just a gray screen that plays for 2 whole seconds. I don't know what the hizell is going on with it, but it's seriously frustrating. I tried it again today and it did the same thing so I say flip dat. pshaw.

I have more to update about. Crazy things. But, I are tired. I are going to lay down. Good day!

Thursday, April 10, 2008

we do what we need to be free

Last night I finally caught up with 1999 and saw Fight Club. Years ago, I came in while my brother was watching it and I saw from the scene that Ed Norton beats himself up in his boss' office til nearly the end. Though I was confused, I did see the "twist" that was supposed to be a surprise. After that, I just never bothered to watch it because I basically knew how it was going to end. Well, last night it came on and I watched it from start to finish and I'm glad that I finally did. And it wasn't completely ruined knowing the twist, either. It actually just made me enjoy things in a different way. I guess I just enjoyed it in the same way that people enjoyed it their second time seeing it. Noticing things I might not have noticed had I not known the twist. I probably don't need to be so cryptic about the twist. I'm sure I'm about the last person to finally have seen Fight Club in it's entirety. Ah well. It was good. I hope that my insomnia doesn't end with me shooting myself in the jaw, though.

I can't believe I went to bed shortly after watching that movie. Thank God for the Office. It wiped my mind clean of all the gruesome scenes.

Speaking of gruesome, has anyone seen that commercial Meatloaf did for Go Phones? It's nearly as horrible as seeing his dead body on a table with half his head blown off, but in a completely different way. If you haven't seen it, try to avoid it.

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

my first webcam video

I had a rather uninteresting day. Mostly filled with reloading the WSTW website over and over to see if they had the podcast from last night up yet (which they STILL don't! what gives?!), but I also got some things accomplished. Like what things? Like I got the "new" webcam Lisa gave me working! It actually was a little bit harder than expected because my computer is special and couldn't find this file and I had to have the computer search for it and then put it in manually and... this probably isn't making much sense to anyone so just take my word and believe it was a little touch and go. I thought perhaps my computer was too retarded to handle this new fangled technology. But it worked out for the best in the end! holler! So, I wanted to throw together a quick first video to say "Hi Lisa!" or "Thanks Lisa!" or something.. but, well, this is how it turned out...

But I think that about sums it up. :D

Monday, April 7, 2008

you've lost control

I never post or blog anymore. Why is this? Because I never seem to use my camera anymore. Well, today it got a little use. Like 5 whole pictures worth. Check dis shizz out, homies:
Not just a band played on the radio. We're also a band that's performed live on the radio and been interviewed! I think that makes us legit if nothing else has.

Considering what the power of cupcake cones have gotten me thus far, I think I should start making them more often! Particularly the next time I go to DC... ;)