Wednesday, July 30, 2008

we're not delivering pizzas around here

It's been a decently long time since I've done any blogging. I mostly blame it on the unfortunate passing of my camera, but I got a sweet new phone(team approved!) with a nice enough camera in it that I can continue to document my life while I decide on whether to get a new camera myself or wait until Christmas. Who am I kidding? I want boots. I'll wait for a camera! Anyway, here's what's been missed:

My nephew, Samuel, turned a whole 1 year old on the 20th of July. I was hesitant about all these "Aunt" duties, but I killed it this year! Beatles shirt? Robot hoodie? Black rock tee? A xylophone (not pictured)? Once he learns how to do 8 rock squats at a time, in a row, he's going to be EPIC.

I was volunteered/deemed/became the 2nd merchandise flow person at Aero. Rachel heads it up, but apparently I'm her number two. It's kind of stupid. Then again, what about my job isn't stupid? Be that as it may, pictured above is the kind of little surprises I get during my day at work. You never know what you may find in any given box of clothes!

This is Arygle Gargoyle.

This is Argyle Gargoyle if you're Nathan.

On a walk with Gizmo in the Mt. Pleasant Cemetary across the street from my house, look what I stumbled upon. That's right, George Harrison is buried in Millville, NJ. I would never have guessed that. I would have thought in the UK or Bangladesh or something. I'm sort of upset with myself for not knowing this.
But I think I was a lot more upset about this. Spiders in this area are really getting out of hand. I mean, I THOUGHT that the neighbors moved, but now I can see that they were evidently eaten by a huge mutant spider.
I love Gizmo!

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

you know, people have quirks

As previously mentioned, my dear camera has passed on. Being not only a great team member but an awesome eugoogoolizer, Eavvon wrote up a touching memorium that I HAD to share...

"Olympus was never respected as the deity he should have been. At times he viewed the world through a lens of optimism, at other times, scathingly dim, but always honest. His workload was often intense, yet he approached every exposure with dignity, and made the best of each opportunity. I remember the holiday season he was first introduced to us all, and the joy he brought his partner, Jenellifer Ogo Oboogie, Rodriguez, IV, and I find it hard to believe that bond will be forgotten.

I find it hard to believe because at the core of his metallic casing, was the focus of a true visionary, and his work is a testament to his ability to work with others, and help them to realize and express the beauty of the world around them. The memories that he has provided us with, speaks to his memory, and the love we all experienced, or rather the love that was captivated by his presence.

Olympus, good friend, purveyor of all things whispered through the bond of friendship, you will be deeply missed, always remembered, yet hopefully speedily replaced. Thanks for your contribution, your good will, and your marginal shutter speed."


Monday, July 14, 2008

you won't live to see tomorrow

My blog has taken another hit. My camera broke. First Aero; now this. It didn't even really break in the traditional sense of the word. It just decided to stop working. It's not like I dropped it or anything. I took good care of it and it decided to die. I suppose I shouldn't be too surprised, though. It wasn't a very expensive camera and it got a lot of use. I'm not sure what I'm going to do about it. It sucked that it decided to die right before we saw Nicole Atkins play at the Fire. But that's life, I guess. I'm sure she'll play there again and the sound guy will get fired for being late to work and the monitors will break and she'll have to stand in the audience just a few feet away from me again real soon. OHWAITMAYBENOT! Double farts.

In other news, we had a photo shoot this afternoon with a new photographer. It was pretty fun, but apparently photo shoots are exhausting because I was so beat and not feeling very well afterwards. The way I felt didn't exactly make for a great performance on my part. And the sound quality coming from the PA was not sounding great to me. It sounded like I was singing through a megaphone to me. So I was ripping my throat apart to hear myself and to sound good. We tried to adjust the levels, but I wasn't that pleased with how I was doing. I felt rusty and tired and every time I moved it felt like my brain was hitting against my skull. Be that as it may, I wasn't going to hold up the rock. Show must go on! I mean, there was patrons down the road dying to hear our music while they ate their dinner...

Have I mentioned how much I hate my schedule?

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

I saw you and I thought you saw me

Due to unfortunate employment obligations, this blog has gone right in the shitter. I don't want to consistently just update my blog about the stupidity that is my job, so I'm going to try to talk about things that happened around my horrid work schedule.
Already July and I've actually made it down to the beach a handful of times. I made it my own personal mission to get a tan this year and it's not been easy. As pale as I am, I'm not the burning type. I do burn but it's never that bad. That being said, I do always apply sunblock because I'm not stupid and I don't want skin. I use a low number, but as low as it is, I get nothing. As a tan is nothing more than minor skin damage, any amount of SPF seems to protect me from any color at all. I went to the beach about 3 times and got nothing. So then one day last week I sat out on my back porch without any sunblock on and finally got a little bit of something. But to ensure it'll be more effective, I got some tanning oil. It has SPF in it and it's not much less than what I already use so don't hassle me, yo!Independence Day came and independence was lost. Well, not for me. Just for TJ & Lauren. Those two made their forevers official and we all got to come and enjoy the spoils! The wedding ceremony was long, but it was all worth it when we got to the reception! So snazzy! It's nice to go to a wedding that's not just full of family. I prefer weddings full of friends than tons of family. I know neither TJ or Lauren probably read my blog, but if they ever stumble upon it when they're googling their names... Congrats and best wishes, ya'll!I have nothing to say about this handsome beast, but OMG he is such a baller look at his collar! WHA WHA?!