Monday, May 31, 2010

I screamed for ice creams

After reading too many articles on abortion for my ethics paper, I escaped the house for some yummy ice cream with Jamie. I got a child's size which only cost $1.61! score! And that's plenty for me. My body can't process ice cream very well so having just a little bit was perfect. It's not something I want very often, but when I do, it's yumtastic! Anybody know why the cones say, "NOVELTY" on them? Is that the brand name? Makes me feel like it's a novelty cone. Not a real cone. Maybe I shouldn't have eaten it in that case...

Sunday, May 30, 2010

Sometimes you just have to get away

After way too long, my good friend, John, came up from Maryland to visit for a day. Despite having to get up earlier than I wanted, my day was pretty sweet. My wonderful mother made omelets for us before we went to see MacGruber in Mays Landing. It was awesome. So ridiculously hilarious. I'm mad that a week after it got into the theater there was only three showings of it. So stupid. Not even giving the film a chance. Stupid blockbusters! Anyway, afterward we took John down to Atlantic City so he could experience it for the first time ever! It was a lot busier than I'm used to. Normally I'm there late at night and not during a holiday weekend. It's not as cool looking in the light, but we had a nice time walking around nonetheless. Lots of good people watching always goes down in AC. We even took a little walk on the beach. My first beach visit of the season! After we had our fill of gambling, smoke, and losing money, we ate and went back to my house and lounged on the back with a nice fire. THEN everybody left and I was left to worry about all the work I have to do this weekend. YAWN.

Thursday, May 27, 2010

I just thought you should know

Due to the hard work I put in yesterday, things went very smoothly while compiling my CD booklet for Typography. I'm pretty stressed about all the things I have to have done for that crazy class, but I was feeling good about it. I was having a pretty nice day. By the time I was done class and on my way home, I only had a little headache. Thursday is the day I always seem to get migraines, but I didn't! When I got to Collingswood, I figured I'd keep my small headache at bay by stopping at Wawa for some food. Big mistake. I got a wrap I'd never had before. A Waldorf Chicken Salad wrap. Despite not having any known food allergies, I suddenly had a severe reaction to something in that wrap. I stopped at the next Wawa I could get to, got some Benadryl and survived the deadly wrap. But the brush with death pushed my migraine free day into a horrible, horrendous migraine day. So you know, perfect start to my Memorial Day weekend.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Photoshop Wednesdays

This photos is from the one time I left the house and the computer the entire day. I suppose I should get used to that kind of thing considering my major. Man, I'm really good at relaxing and enjoying my days off school, huh?


Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Youth in Asia?

I think Gizmo has a better idea of what euthanasia is than the majority of the college students in my Ethics class. How do you go 18-20 some years of your life and not know what euthanasia is? Just seems like something I've known about for a long, long time. Possibly because of having dogs and being around for those kind of situations. I don't know. But I'm certain I never thought it was under age children working in Asia or the law in Asia that restricts families to have one child. That is YOUTH IN ASIA not EUTHANASIA. D'oh!

Monday, May 24, 2010

It's Mundee

Went to class like a good girl, but only saw the dear train one time. After getting out of algebra class early (because we moved along so smartly), I went to a computer lab to toil away on my CD booklet for typography while waiting for my friend, Steve. He came up and we went to have a few drinks. Well, he had a few, I had one. That really annoyed my waitress. I wasn't drinking my beer fast enough and I wasn't willing to have anything else that she suggested. But I'll forgive her. She taught us things. Steve and I are ever so much more clever than we were before! Watch out world! We know things!

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Not Safe For Work?

I have nothing but respect for sculptors. It's not easy stuff. Be that as it may, I've really been enjoying it. This is as far as I got with this model. Basically everyone got about to this point before we were out of time with this model, but it was our first full body sculpture so he didn't expect us to finish. He just wanted us to get a feel for things. I hope my next one comes out even better! I got in the top five again. WHEW! It's getting harder and harder so I'm always stressed when he grades them. But I'm hanging in there!

Monday, May 17, 2010

Vampires suck

I was bitten by a vampire. Clearly. But it's not what you think. Not at all. Movies and literature are misleading. They lead you to believe that you'll die or become an immortal yourself. Well, neither of these things are true. I didn't get real pale or crave blood. I don't sparkle in the sunshine or play baseball in rain storms. Actually, I'm just the same as I was except so itchy. So, so itchy. Stupid vampires! They're like ticks! Where's the romance!?

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Becky & Dave's Wedding!

I have finally lived long enough to see one of my childhood friends get married. It was really nice. It's just like Becky to have such a perfect wedding. All of her school work and projects were always so well thought out and prefect so of course her wedding was precisely the same! After the lovely (and gloriously short) ceremony, Eavvon and I had some time to kill so where did we go? The Cohanzick Zoo! It's small and free, but calling it a zoo seems to be a bit of a stretch anymore. When I was little and spent a great deal of time in Bridgeton, it was full of animals and signs painted by my mother (notice the "No Bikes Allowed" sign next to Eavvon for an example!). Now both are quite rare. A zoo that once had a white tiger is now pretty much a glorified bird sanctuary. So after a brief, but lovely walk about, we departed and made our way to the reception. Much to my surprise, I knew someone at our table! Another childhood friend who I've lost touch with! That was a pleasant surprise! For dinner I had the biggest, thickest piece of chicken ever seen. Then we proceeded to dance the night away! And if Eavvon didn't believe me when I told him I couldn't dance with him cause he's too good of a dancer, he should have believed it after a complete stranger came up and told him he was! Though, I wished there would be a dance off between Eavvon and this amazing young Michael Jackson enthusiast. He was a crazy good dancer and he was probably only 14 years old! He was moon walking and spinning and we were amazed! So, to sum up, the wedding was lovely, the zoo was cute, and the reception was a blast. And somehow, someway we made it to Trenton without running out of gas or missing the last train. WE RULE. Not that Becky or Dave read this blog but... Congratulations to the new couple!

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Winter 2010 Honors Convocation

After coloring my hair, hurting my finger, and enduring the longest trek to 55 the world has ever seen, my parents, Jamie, and I arrived in Philadelphia to attend the Winter 2010 Honors Convocation at my school. I was up for two awards; Best of Quarter (for Color Theory) and a 4.0 award. I had never been to one of these ceremonies so I didn't quite know what to expect. They had yummy munchies provided by the culinary department and drinks. The teacher that nominated my work for the Best of Quarter Award, Mr. Martone, came by to meet my parents. That was nice. The room the ceremony was in filled the hell up. When it actually came time to get my award, I could barely get around to get it. They ran right through the 4.0 awards, but for the Best of Quarter award they didn't move on to the next name til the recipient had come up so when I finally got around all these people, I just booked up to the front. People laughed so it was all good. There's way too many people accepting awards for them to show the pieces that won, but I was a little bummed regardless. I wanted to see my work. I haven't seen it since March! I can't wait to be reunited! haha After wards, we went to the Hard Rock Cafe. I love the Hard Rock Cafe. It doesn't matter which one you go to, there's always awesome stuff in there to look at. And the music videos are always amusing. But all in all, it was a really good little day. I don't particularly love spending my days off from school AT school, but it wasn't too bad! :)

Moreover, thanks to everyone who is patient, understanding, and puts up with my busy schedule and empty bank account. I'm lucky to have the good friends that I have. So lucky. That being said, I'm kind of glad to find out who my true friends are. It's never bad to find out who you can rely on! Yay friends!

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Oui, le crepe, merci

Before going to France to have some delicious crepes, I took a quick snap of Gizmo and I for posterity. I wasn't sure how much France would change me so I wanted to remember simpler times when I returned. To ground me. I'm glad I did because after I came into insta-money, bought a G5 and flew to France for crepes on a whim while my mother was in Texas, I was starting to lose touch with my roots. This photo brought me back to reality. Or maybe it was reality that brought me back to reality. Hm. The world may never know...

And in case you weren't aware, crepes aren't just for breakfast and dessert, people. They're also delicious, nutritious meals. I didn't realize that I had enlightened someone to this while partaking in crepe delights in Philadelphia, but I had. To be honest, my first crepe partake was an enlightening experience even for myself so perhaps this information will be useful to others! If you've never had one, go have one! They're so good and there's so many choices!

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Taylor Hawkins has coat tails and riders

After a rather successful midterm evaluation in typography, I ventured back to my car and awaited my chariot to West Chester. I was a lot more prompt than Jamie & Robert Downey Jr, but it's all good. Being where you're supposed to be without anything to do is sometimes a very good thing. After we ate, we drove around and around and around and around looking for a parking spot. It wasn't as fun as it sounds. The first band of the night was an interesting one. Later in the night I explained the first band as "douchey". In hindsight, I feel a little bad having said that. But when I said that, I didn't know that later we would have a major love connection. I should have known considering the performance, but I was a fool! So, eventually, Taylor Hawkins played. I guess I didn't mention that this is what we were doing. Yeah, we went to see Taylor Hawkins. He's not only the drummer of the Foo Fighters, people. He also sings and sweeps Jamie off her feet. Her glowing Taylor love was shining bright and it was attracting all sorts of men to her all night, but I got the real winner. While Taylor rocked, the lead singer of the first band passed by us and I smiled at him. To be perfectly honest, I was holding back laughter, but he saw just a smile and smiled back at me. After Taylor was done and I was waiting for Jamie to come back from the bathroom, the lead singer came over and chatted me up a bit. Thanks to this, we met Taylor Hawkins and Jamie momentarily reverted to her 13 year old self. It was sweet. I've been with her when she's met a few of her "idols" and it's always adorable. I'm glad to be there to break the ice with my asinine comments and to force Taylor to take a picture with her. He was not going to just walk away! And it was all worth it because after this, I got to meet my new boyfriend, Wiley. Isn't he studly? Yeah, he is. LE sigh. I'm moving to CA soon to live with him! Can't wait! All cause I told him straight up that he had nice hair. Honesty really IS the best policy!

Friday, May 7, 2010

That's not Susan

This is the fruits of my sculpture mid-term. It's not great. It really doesn't look like the model at all. Despite that fact, it got into the top five best of the class so I assume that means I got an "A". I hope I did anyway. After he explained why he chose the five he did, he told us that that model was one of the more difficult faces to sculpt so we shouldn't beat ourselves up too much about it. I don't want to insult her, but she had a weird face. Not an ugly face. The angles and proportions were hard to mimic. This class has left me thinking about the curves and angles of my own face a lot lately. That's kind of weird, but I can't help it!

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

I don't speak monkey

Took my Ethics midterm test today. It sucked. The only good part was that I got out at 7 and had a few hours to work on my logo for Typography. So, catching a break led to me not really catching a break at all. Be that as it may, when it was nearly time for the labs to close up for the night, I went home and to wish my mother a happy and safe trip to Texas. She is lame. Now I have to cook or find my own food every night? Bullocks. ;)

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

It is great

It's really hard to motivate yourself to go to Algebra class in Philadelphia when you've got this cute of a dog.

It's a blessing and a curse, I tell you!

Monday, May 3, 2010

I saw Sia

I definitely shouldn't have laid down the money to buy tickets to this show, but it was one of the best nights I'd had in a long time so I think all in all it was worth the gas tank worth price to be there. I've loved Sia's music for a long time and when I stumbled upon the show, I had a hard time turning away from it. I had only ever seen Sia perform "live" on TV, but just from that alone I knew she'd be great. She's really quirky. Between songs she was requesting "heckles" which was really her way of just having a conversation with whomever had something they wanted to yell out to her. Almost like a press conference with the people! She even had some people thrown out for talking loudly and annoying people. Which lead her to wonder, "where did I lose them?" That's a good question. I always wonder why people go to shows and get so wasted they wind up not watching any of the show. I don't know if alcohol had anything to do with those people, but they walked out. Why did they even buy tickets? Well, anyway, I know why I did and she lived up to my expectations! Not only was she delightful, but her voice was so striking. She's one of those singers that just open their mouth and singing looks effortless. And her voice is so cool sounding. I love it. And the feather headdress that was passed up to her? so envious! I've been wanting one for a while and now it's just worsened! Maybe I'll construct one from pipe cleaners! GEEZ

ps. check out this video I took of "Soon We'll Be Found"

Sunday, May 2, 2010

What a stupid day.

Today sucked. I had a list of things I wanted to get done and I didn't get any of it done. I woke up to discover that we not only didn't have a working toilet in the house, but we also didn't have any running water. I don't remember the exact details behind all of the ins and outs of what they were doing, but I do know there was an enormous trench around my front porch out to the road at least 6 feet deep. They were changing out pipes and installing new ones. In digging down to pipe level, they burst the sewer pipe. If anything can go wrong, it does around here. It's just par for the course. So what was supposed to take a few hours, took until about 5 in the evening. At 3, my parents left for a hospital function they had to attend in Philadelphia and I was left to play plumber's assistant and run up and down and all around turning water on and off and whatever they needed. It was really hot and I hadn't had a shower and I couldn't use a bathroom and I just was feeling so gross and moody. It was not a fun day! After all that madness was over and I got a shower, Jamie and I went to the Cosmopolitan to get some food. Since it was warm, we sat outside. El fresco! And check out the sweet view we had! Nothing like dining out with the view of a charred bowling alley and the setting sun. Ah Vineville. So glorious.