Saturday, May 8, 2010

Taylor Hawkins has coat tails and riders

After a rather successful midterm evaluation in typography, I ventured back to my car and awaited my chariot to West Chester. I was a lot more prompt than Jamie & Robert Downey Jr, but it's all good. Being where you're supposed to be without anything to do is sometimes a very good thing. After we ate, we drove around and around and around and around looking for a parking spot. It wasn't as fun as it sounds. The first band of the night was an interesting one. Later in the night I explained the first band as "douchey". In hindsight, I feel a little bad having said that. But when I said that, I didn't know that later we would have a major love connection. I should have known considering the performance, but I was a fool! So, eventually, Taylor Hawkins played. I guess I didn't mention that this is what we were doing. Yeah, we went to see Taylor Hawkins. He's not only the drummer of the Foo Fighters, people. He also sings and sweeps Jamie off her feet. Her glowing Taylor love was shining bright and it was attracting all sorts of men to her all night, but I got the real winner. While Taylor rocked, the lead singer of the first band passed by us and I smiled at him. To be perfectly honest, I was holding back laughter, but he saw just a smile and smiled back at me. After Taylor was done and I was waiting for Jamie to come back from the bathroom, the lead singer came over and chatted me up a bit. Thanks to this, we met Taylor Hawkins and Jamie momentarily reverted to her 13 year old self. It was sweet. I've been with her when she's met a few of her "idols" and it's always adorable. I'm glad to be there to break the ice with my asinine comments and to force Taylor to take a picture with her. He was not going to just walk away! And it was all worth it because after this, I got to meet my new boyfriend, Wiley. Isn't he studly? Yeah, he is. LE sigh. I'm moving to CA soon to live with him! Can't wait! All cause I told him straight up that he had nice hair. Honesty really IS the best policy!

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