Sunday, May 16, 2010

Becky & Dave's Wedding!

I have finally lived long enough to see one of my childhood friends get married. It was really nice. It's just like Becky to have such a perfect wedding. All of her school work and projects were always so well thought out and prefect so of course her wedding was precisely the same! After the lovely (and gloriously short) ceremony, Eavvon and I had some time to kill so where did we go? The Cohanzick Zoo! It's small and free, but calling it a zoo seems to be a bit of a stretch anymore. When I was little and spent a great deal of time in Bridgeton, it was full of animals and signs painted by my mother (notice the "No Bikes Allowed" sign next to Eavvon for an example!). Now both are quite rare. A zoo that once had a white tiger is now pretty much a glorified bird sanctuary. So after a brief, but lovely walk about, we departed and made our way to the reception. Much to my surprise, I knew someone at our table! Another childhood friend who I've lost touch with! That was a pleasant surprise! For dinner I had the biggest, thickest piece of chicken ever seen. Then we proceeded to dance the night away! And if Eavvon didn't believe me when I told him I couldn't dance with him cause he's too good of a dancer, he should have believed it after a complete stranger came up and told him he was! Though, I wished there would be a dance off between Eavvon and this amazing young Michael Jackson enthusiast. He was a crazy good dancer and he was probably only 14 years old! He was moon walking and spinning and we were amazed! So, to sum up, the wedding was lovely, the zoo was cute, and the reception was a blast. And somehow, someway we made it to Trenton without running out of gas or missing the last train. WE RULE. Not that Becky or Dave read this blog but... Congratulations to the new couple!

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e. Styles said...

That was TWO large pieces of chicken, 'member? Talk about killing two birds...with whatever they kill chickens with...tnt i think.