Sunday, May 9, 2010

Oui, le crepe, merci

Before going to France to have some delicious crepes, I took a quick snap of Gizmo and I for posterity. I wasn't sure how much France would change me so I wanted to remember simpler times when I returned. To ground me. I'm glad I did because after I came into insta-money, bought a G5 and flew to France for crepes on a whim while my mother was in Texas, I was starting to lose touch with my roots. This photo brought me back to reality. Or maybe it was reality that brought me back to reality. Hm. The world may never know...

And in case you weren't aware, crepes aren't just for breakfast and dessert, people. They're also delicious, nutritious meals. I didn't realize that I had enlightened someone to this while partaking in crepe delights in Philadelphia, but I had. To be honest, my first crepe partake was an enlightening experience even for myself so perhaps this information will be useful to others! If you've never had one, go have one! They're so good and there's so many choices!