Thursday, May 27, 2010

I just thought you should know

Due to the hard work I put in yesterday, things went very smoothly while compiling my CD booklet for Typography. I'm pretty stressed about all the things I have to have done for that crazy class, but I was feeling good about it. I was having a pretty nice day. By the time I was done class and on my way home, I only had a little headache. Thursday is the day I always seem to get migraines, but I didn't! When I got to Collingswood, I figured I'd keep my small headache at bay by stopping at Wawa for some food. Big mistake. I got a wrap I'd never had before. A Waldorf Chicken Salad wrap. Despite not having any known food allergies, I suddenly had a severe reaction to something in that wrap. I stopped at the next Wawa I could get to, got some Benadryl and survived the deadly wrap. But the brush with death pushed my migraine free day into a horrible, horrendous migraine day. So you know, perfect start to my Memorial Day weekend.

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