Monday, May 3, 2010

I saw Sia

I definitely shouldn't have laid down the money to buy tickets to this show, but it was one of the best nights I'd had in a long time so I think all in all it was worth the gas tank worth price to be there. I've loved Sia's music for a long time and when I stumbled upon the show, I had a hard time turning away from it. I had only ever seen Sia perform "live" on TV, but just from that alone I knew she'd be great. She's really quirky. Between songs she was requesting "heckles" which was really her way of just having a conversation with whomever had something they wanted to yell out to her. Almost like a press conference with the people! She even had some people thrown out for talking loudly and annoying people. Which lead her to wonder, "where did I lose them?" That's a good question. I always wonder why people go to shows and get so wasted they wind up not watching any of the show. I don't know if alcohol had anything to do with those people, but they walked out. Why did they even buy tickets? Well, anyway, I know why I did and she lived up to my expectations! Not only was she delightful, but her voice was so striking. She's one of those singers that just open their mouth and singing looks effortless. And her voice is so cool sounding. I love it. And the feather headdress that was passed up to her? so envious! I've been wanting one for a while and now it's just worsened! Maybe I'll construct one from pipe cleaners! GEEZ

ps. check out this video I took of "Soon We'll Be Found"

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