Saturday, January 31, 2009

The Legend of Rockabye Point

Sometimes I have these brief, unexplainable flashes where I think the past 4 years has all been a hoax and you'll call me and we'll talk like not a single day has passed.

I wish the flashes lasted longer.

Thursday, January 29, 2009

It ended with a chair

I was just thinking the other day how my blog has far too much of my face in it. So, naturally, here's 8 times the normal amount! I am "officially" 25. And officially ready to give away my organs by my own choice rather than my parents consent. My old photo was hideous. What's the general consensus on the new?

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

I hate to do this, but I must!

Hey, look what I found on youtube!
....sike. I made it.
It's no Lisa Upson Production but it gets the job done!

for further information go here <----

C'mon, watch it. do it. vote it. I got a terrible migraine making it. The least you could do is watch. and vote. Yeah? Please? :D

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

I've got sunshine in my life

Before leaving for work this morning, I popped on my trusty brass knuckles. Because, as lame as it sounds, I wear them when I feel I need to be a little tougher (clearly only tough people wear necklaces with knucks on them... Ha!). When we played shows in Philly, I wore them. It's a psychological thing. Some people wear red for empowerment. I wear brass knuckles. Considering the scenes I have seen and heard about from other people who have quit, I thought I might need them today. I was wrong. Ironically, my store manager was in rare form. He was friendly. Apologetic, even. But that didn't deter me from what needed to be done. To my surprise, he said he would miss me. That I was a good work that always did what I was told and that this news "sucked!" In the light of his kind words, I decided to take the high road and not mention the fact that he was partially responsible for my departure. And better yet, he's going to have me on the schedule for next week, which means I can get my "fifties" for February! I can't afford anything, but I'm taking my last perks and running! So, all in all, I guess I didn't need my knucks today. Then again, maybe he was just nice because he was seriously intimidated by my Sasha Fierceness. Oh yeah, I bet that was it. If he liked it than he shoulda put a raise on it!

ps. gah! (thanks jmc!)

Monday, January 26, 2009

We're willing to extend a hand if you're willing to unclench your fist

Today I went out with my mother to run errands and to get what will most likely be my last "fifties" from Aero. For those that are not "in the know", fifties are the once-a-month discount of 50%. You can get two tops, two bottoms, and two accessories for 50% off rather than the everyday discount of 30%. It's a nice deal. I've definitely benefited from that quite often. Be that as it may, on Tuesday when I go in I'm going to be putting in my two week notice. It's highly unlikely that I'll actually be given the opportunity to work two more weeks, but I don't really care. When you lay down the pros and cons, there's a lot of reasons to quit and the discount remains the only reason to stay. And even that isn't that great of a draw since I have absolutely no room in my closet or drawers for anymore clothing! Didn't stop me from getting a few things, though. Felt rather good to be stepping towards the end of Aero! And check out my sweet nails! I got these cheap little stick on nails with stars on them. They're for little girls. Apparently my fingers are so tiny I can wear stick on nails made by a company called "Little Fing'rs". They don't make stick on nails this cute for real women! Oh the perks of having tiny hands!

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

My life depends on it

I've got the flu and Gizmo wears a funnel. We're quite a pair. He hates it, but I kind of like it. Aside from it hindering his ability to bite himself, he looks like a little space dog.

Who wouldn't love that?

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Princess, you are ugly when you're mad

A sum up of what's passed since the last time I posted: I've had a bad week. Bad weather. Bad mood. Bad attitude. Bad decisions. Bad flu. Bad. When I got home from Florida, I wished I had more time off. Clearly I did not watch what I wished for. That was bad. But be that as it may, today we got a new President, and that's not too bad.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

You can get a whole bunch of Mums

I had my first day back to work today. It wasn't too terrible, but I still want to quit. Hours have been cut to the bone so it's one-on-one coverage, which means an associate and a manager. Even though that leaves me to run all over the store to get things for the manager, it's still boring. I didn't work a lot of hours today, but it dragged on. It was nice to be told at 2:01 to clock out. I assumed I would have to finish my task before leaving, but hours are so slim I had to leave right away! I don't hate on that! What I do hate on is my lungs. On the trip up from Florida, we stopped in North Carolina to rest because I was getting a headache. That was nothing compared to the horrible asthma attack that I endured at 3am that night for two hours. Since then, my lungs have been weird. I've had to use my inhaler a lot and today I've started coughing. It doesn't sound good. I fear I'm probably developing bronchitis. That is poop! My lungs are clearly revolting against this cold weather. Florida spoiled them. I'm going to leave. And if I wasn't afraid of flying, I'd be helping with aerial postal service in Queensland, Australia! Damn my plane phobia!!

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

I'm back, Millville!

I was going to post pictures for each day that we were down in gloriously warm and beautiful Florida, but this works better, I think. I hope. It fucking better. Took ages. And, furthermore, I completely understand why so many people have winter homes in Florida. This weather is ridiculous. It's for real winter this year. We haven't had for real winter for a couple years! I don't know how to handle this! I had sun burn on my nose last week! Ugh! I can't bare this!

ps. This is my first post of the year! Badass!