Tuesday, October 28, 2008

hey, you're a good looking group

Thursday obviously was a bust. As in, Shermin got busted. Then Friday wasn't much of an improvement. Singing without a voice sucks for everyone involved. But Saturday turned out to be a pretty fun day. Slept in, had a leisurely day with my mom, got to see a great free show at the Bus Stop, had pizza quesadillas, and got to hang out with Edie Sedgwick, Pam Beesley, the new guitarist of JeNell & the Yets, a dude with two last names and no middle name and a 1970s swinger with mismatched socks. Well, I hung out with a lot more people than that, but they're really the highlights. So many secrets shared! So many Bowie songs rocked (again)! I can't think of a much better way to kick off Halloween. I don't know if actual Halloween can possibly live up to it!

Thursday, October 23, 2008

this is why I'm having a bad week

Yesterday, I had a crappy day at work and came home and pretty much hibernated in my bedroom all evening. I was happy that day was over when it ended. Then when I woke up this morning feeling extremely groggy and dreading work. Well, lucky me, I didn't wind up getting to work until noon because an accident occurred outside my house and my car, Shermin, was taken into the fray. I was practically on my way out when I heard the horrible sound of cars colliding. This isn't a foreign sound. I live on a highway and despite it being a residential area with a speed limit of 35mph, people drive down the road like bats out of hell and frequently there is accidents. And it's common place if you live in my house to have that moment of terror when you think someone has hit your car. So, I looked out my bedroom window, but I couldn't see my car from my angle, but I saw a car up the road a bit and figured the accident occurred too far up to have involved my car. I was wrong. My car had been pushed from right next to my driveway down in front of my neighbor's driveway; I can't estimate how many feet that is. I'd guess 20? I don't know. So, to make a long story short, Shermin is at the body shop and hopefully the damage can be repaired. But it sucks. While the other peoples' insurance companies battle out who is at fault, we're going to be stuck paying the deductible just for living on a shitty street. Financially we've seen better days. Things just keep gettin better and better! And in the words of my manager, "I can't believe it's November next week." - Fucking aye.

Monday, October 20, 2008

that's why I don't do two shows a day, I won't do it

It's been casually mentioned in and around my blog about Gizmo's on-going skin troubles. After forgetting and being unable for a few days, I finally made a vet appointment for my pooch. The poor little bastard had to have his temperature taken TWICE. And if you know anything about taking a dog's temperature, you know it's not comfortable! To make matters worse, he had to have another allergy shot. Furthermore, he had a fever so now he's on antibiotics and his psoriasis has worsened so now I have to bathe him every few days with a special shampoo. If you're thinking you want a dog, maybe you should consider what kind of costs can arise when you happen to get one with allergies. But, all in all, it was all worth it, because he's doing much, much better and he's more like himself again! Not sitting around whining and scratching all day and night. This evening we had a nice long hour nap together which hasn't happened in a long time because of his fidgety, itchy behavior. And any day now his Halloween costume is going to come in the mail! I'm excited! I've got the best puppy ever! That's an opinion, not a fake, don't attest it.

Friday, October 17, 2008

it's just the passage

Autumn is great when it's all Indian Summer.

Autumn sucks when it's all Wannabe Winter.

Let's keep this Indian Summer thing going!

Though...I hear it's going away shortly.

I'll look back on this post shortly

and cry.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

the worst is behind

Two things happened that haven't happened in a long, long time. One: I ate Chinese food. I hate Chinese food, but there's only 4 choices for food in the mall. Salad Works, Luca's Pizza, Auntie Anne's, and the Chinese food place. I only stopped in to see what kind of chicken they had and the lady behind the counter kept giving me pieces of it to try. I couldn't deny that the chicken was pretty good so I got some. The rice sucked. Two: I got a raise! I'd like to say more about that, but I'm not permitted. If I say anymore about it, I'll be terminated. As in, a cyborg from the future will come back and kill me. So, that being said, wooooooooooooooooooooooo hoooooooooooooooooooooooo!

Monday, October 13, 2008

The busiest beaver award does not to go me

Pain is exhausting. I got up early this morning to take my mom to the doctor. While I waited for her in the car, I slept. Then I went home with intentions to get some work done, but instead I lazed around and didn't do much of anything. Even that made me tired so I laid down and was in and out of sleep while watching overly dramatic TV. Then I got up and took a shower hoping that would get me all woken up so I could get some work done. And it would have worked if my clothes rack hadn't given up and fell apart. So, instead of working, I put that back together and secured it and put my clothes away. By the time I was done that, dinner was ready and I was really hot and tired. But somehow, I got a little bit of work done after dinner. Not much, but a little. And now I'm so ready for bed. I'm so useless and pathetic. I'm dreading work tomorrow. Why must my mouth be so afflicted?! Blah. I need to go ease Gizmo's itching. Hope you guys are doing better than I.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

One is the loneliest number that you'll ever do

Between Gizmo's terrible skin, my canker sores, my mother's bandaged foot (she had foot surgery on Friday), and my grandmother in general, we make quite a household. Gizmo can't stop scratching, my mom can't walk, I can't talk, and my grandmother can't really do much of anything. But somehow we all team up and get things done. I fetch things for my mother and she calls my work to see if I'm needed for my on-call and Gizmo lays on my grandmother to keep her warm. The buddy system really works!

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Come in, she said, I'll give you shelter from the storm

Just when I thought my trip to NYC was random and spontaneous, Jamie topped me and threw together an impromptu trip to DC. It was not just a trip to DC either. It was a cultural learning experience. I learned more about Maryland while stopping in a movie theater for a pee than I have in a long time. I could have learned had we left earlier and not arrived fifteen minutes prior to all the museums closing, but we had a good time anyway. We got an eye full of beautiful as the sun set as we walked along the Mall towards the Lincoln Memorial. It took us a while as there was a lot of photo opportunities (jump shots, cart wheels, reflections, monuments, trees) and a lot of violence threatened. And from the steps of the Lincoln Memorial, I made dinner arrangements and we took the long walk back to the Metro to go to Chinatown to have Mexican food. Best $7.99 dinner I've had in a long, long time. DC and NYC are in a tight competition against the other. Classic, recognizable abbreviated titles, accessible public transportation, free museums, history, culture, crime... Who will win?! Hopefully Obama. :D

Friday, October 10, 2008

Death already came and got me

Going to work at 8am the day after a NYC trip sucks ass. It's unholy to have to be at the mall two hours before it opens. I just don't like it. But I endured and survived and made it home without wetting my pants; it was a close call. Trust me. But much later on, my old friend from high school surprised me with a somewhat predictable, yet delicious surprise; challah! G-d only knows how she knew I had been looking around NYC for it. I haven't even seen her in ages! Let alone challah! It was about time we caught up; with her and bread! She also bestowed a delicious pumpkin cupcake on me which I enjoyed as I got myself all Office/GA caught up. Talk about a sweet Friday night indeed!

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Do what John, Do what John?

On October 9, 1940, John Lennon was pushed into this world. On October 9, 2008, there was a gallery showing of his art in Soho. Fortunately, it was the one day (of the four days of the show) that I was able to attend! For all the years I've been a card carrying John Lennon fan (I possess no literal card) I haven't done anything "special" to celebrate his birthday and it was about time that I did! I had been to a showing of his work in Cape May a while back, but this show was had a lot more pieces. And they had new t-shirts. So, all in all, it was a worthwhile trip. Despite failing a mission. Don't go looking for challah on the day of Yom Kippur. It's unlikely that you will accomplish this quest. But at least I was able to make eyes at all the good looking young executives. All two of them.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

I've turned into vapor

Today is only Wednesday, but I must say thus far this week has sucked. It started out decently with a fun band day out on Sunday and then a nice day off (at least from Aero) which ended with a trip to the mall and to see my favorite Lisa. I was even starting to feel a little bit better health wise. But there was foreshadowing to the downfall of my week when my "index toe" on my left foot began to mysteriously hurt and then get red and even swell up. I don't know what's wrong with it exactly, but it's sore as hell and causes me to limp terribly. That being said, I had a craptastic day at work on Tuesday. First I woke up with the hiccups. And when I get the hiccups, it's violent. They are severe. And they don't go away completely for the whole day. They take a break and then they always come back over and over again throughout the day. Anyway! Aero decided to change their floor set system and instead of doing it on one Sunday night from 6pm to 3am, they've been doing a little bit everyday this week from 6am til the store opens. But it's ridiculous for me, the merch flow manager. Now the backroom has the old product all over the place along with all the stock boxes that come in everyday that I'm supposed to unload and shelve along with everything else. And the floor setting continues throughout the whole day. It's not terribly busy at Aero during the day, but it made my life hell. And then to add to my perfect day, on my break I got some soup to eat outside and I burnt my whole tongue. Then I woke up today feeling sicker than ever. Bleh. I'm going to take a break from complaining about that and say that the day was saved by a little mister. I hadn't seen Samuel since his birthday in July. I can't believe how much bigger he is every time I see him. I know children grow, but I never cease to be amazed. Nor do I cease to be amazed at how different it feels when they belong to your brother.

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Just one sucky night all around

I have a slew of canker sores in my mouth so I'm reliving the glory days of when I could move my mouth more easily. Oh, it's like it was only yesterday, but actually it was Saturday. And now I'm feeling sick. I don't like the state of my glands. And am I the only one that has to avoid watching the debates because the pounding of their own heart is too unbearable? That's weird, isn't it? Yeah. A little weird. Anyway, check this out... if you want. What do you have to lose other than a few moments of your time?

Distraction (Live) - JeNell & the Yets