Sunday, July 4, 2010

We don't need no water

Instead of going down to my aunt's to spend the weekend, I spent my Saturday just hanging around the house until it was time to party down hardcore like a rock star. That is completely untrue. Well, the partying like a rock star part. It was more like partying like a camper. Or something. I don't even know if you'd call it a party. Man, what a bad opening. Jamie and I went over to a friend's place with the intent of being social and making s'mores.

Our former guitarist, Jimmy, just moved in with this friend so we got to see him and we haven't seen him in quite sometime. Nathan also attended this bon fire event of the century. Everything not nailed down was being burned in a hole in the ground! People were leaping over fire! Nathan was straight up dancing on the fire! Dean Martin showed up! It was day in the night! Tan from a fire! Wine made of peaches! I played guitar! Clearly shocking things were happening all around! But was there s'mores? Nope. Was there socialness? Kind of. But mostly just a band reunion since the four of us hung around together most of the night. Why aren't we still in a band together? Oh yeah, cause we're all jerks with separate lives. I hate us. I hate Nathan the most, though. I have to make that clear. Nathan = Hate.

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