Friday, July 3, 2009

Then your butt falls off

Braved the growing summer/holiday traffic and made a little visit to the beach. I was a little weary of rain while I was getting ready, but it turned out to be a really good day for the beach. There was clouds rolling by, but it was warm, mostly sunny, and breezy. But it wasn't all sun and fun! While I was relaxing on my towels, I was thinking that I should move further away from the tide in a bit. But there was a girl further down from me and she hadn't moved so I figured I could chill a bit longer. I was wrong. Suddenly *whoosh* came water. Just one wave and my shit was soaked. And so were all the other people around me, which goes to show you how unexpected it was. But it sucked! Luckily for me, my aunt lives a few blocks away from the beach I frequent so I went down there and threw my clothes in the dryer and threw myself in the pool. Spent the rest of the time chilling out down there with my little Republican, Obama-hating cousins. I told the littler one, Lauren, that my name was "Jenell". Apparently this name was too hard to remember so she wanted to nickname me. First one she came up with? Jenny. I vetoed that. So her next one? Jennifer. People that know me will see the irony!

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