Friday, February 5, 2010

That looks like my parent's car

Due to the threat of more snow, I got up and got some things done and picked Jamie up so we could enjoy a few hours like normal sane people that haven't been in cooped up in their home for days on end. We didn't go far, though. We just went down to the farm and had a late breakfast. Some call that dinner, I think. Anyway, while dining, the snow began to fall and then shortly so did a small girl who ran full speed at a parking marker and proceeded to slide across the salted cement face first. I shouldn't have laughed inside, but I did. She wasn't really hurt. She didn't even cry; she just whined a spine grating whine. It was really her precious child ego that was bruised. Be that as it may, she had to have seen that shit. It was painted BRIGHT YELLOW.

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