Saturday, October 2, 2010

Despite some people's bad decisions to stain their floor rather than coming to Lindenwold to hang with yours truly, my mother had the good sense to do so. We went to Cherry Hill and had a classic mother-daughter shopping expedition. I used the rest of a gift card on a sweet little coat and clutch. Other than that, we kept our spending to the bare minimum. But only because things just weren't to our high standards. We're extremely snobby and expect the best of the best. Yup.

After we went to the 50's themed Silver Diner across the way to have some dinner. As many 50's themed restaurants, they have little jukeboxes at every table. Supposedly, if you put money in the box and push in your jukebox selection, you get to pick the track. I don't know if I believe this! Is there any proof of this? I know that I've never heard my selections be played so I'm not sure I believe it. I kind of think there's shenanigans going on. I don't know. What do you think?

After dinner we went home and hung up my curtains that had been sitting in my hope chest waiting for action since I moved. Putting up curtains is a serious commitment to a place. Not as much so as painting the walls, but it's still pretty serious. Yeah, things are getting serious.

By the way, I love my mom. xo

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