Thursday, November 26, 2009

Thanks, Giving


I can't say that mine was perfect, but it was pretty great nonetheless. My very good buddy, John, came and joined my family for our terribly authentic Thanksgiving meal. Gizmo in his Pilgrim attire (as you can see!) and I in my Indian headdress (why didn't we take any pictures?), we broke bread and discussed what we were all thankful for. I would share, but that's incredibly personal and I would never break the sacred vows of Thanksgiving dinner chat on my world wide blog. Especially considering how many people frequent this page. It could be disaster. It could disrupt the space time continuum.....yup.

In other news, my mom cooked such a delicious dinner that caused everyone to eat way too much and to have no room for dessert. Thus no one even tried a cupcake :( Total bummer! Oh well. More for me!

Well, more accurately, more for my Dad. holy cow.

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