Sunday, November 1, 2009

Scarlett Johannson Portrait Complete

My Saturday was sort of a bust. I went to Staples in order to get a jump on my design class project, but unfortunately they were no help at all. So defeated, we went home and I worked on other work. The next day my mother and I researched the closest Kinkos (my instructor said that Kinkos is better than Staples) and the nearest one that we could find, that was open late enough on a Sunday, was in Mt. Laurel. So, we went all the way up there and the copies cost me $17. Ridiculous! Then we hit up the mall briefly so I could look for a book bag (got one! yay!) and then my crazy mother couldn't resist the urge to partake in a little Bahama Breeze for dinner. We wound up getting home sometime around 8 wherein I got started on my project right away. A little after 2 I finally finished. This is the finished product. I better have gotten a decent grade considering how frustrating this was to make!

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