Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Trust me when I say the water is still rising

I didn't take any pictures from this particular day so this picture will due, I guess. Just a random stock photo, I guess. And in some ways I feel it's symbolic. But the symbolism is pretty buried so I won't go into that.

Symbolism aside, I had a pretty alright day. My computer science class got done unexpectedly early. Despite that, I had to hang around a while afterward. I used the time wisely and started my 3 page paper on, believe it or not, Blogger! Anyway, I was expecting a ride to pick me up to go to the Fire to see Vince play a show in support of his new EP. I had a very special cab number that I called. I got the number from this guy, John. I'm really glad he passed it onto me. Great service. Apparently this guy is available for bachlorette parties too! I'm holding onto this number! So, I thought I was going to be late to the Fire and possibly miss Vince's set, but I wound up getting there before him and not missing anything. Didn't miss a single thing. Good set, though. And, about the EP, you should check it out. It is very lovely. So good I bought two.

Make Yourself Naked EP for sale on iTunes. It's only $4.95, folks! Get it! It's really good! I kid you not! And if you're unfamiliar with Army of Me, you should check out their album "Citizen". It rocks. And it rolls.
Ok, I'm done trying to make the hard sell now!

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