Saturday, October 31, 2009

Pride's not power

I had a short day at work, just 10 to 4. I didn't take a break because of my short day and just tried to get done as much as I could. I would have gotten more done if I hadn't put the wrong name on the above Snow White cake. If you look at these cakes closely, you'll see that the same thing is written on both. I did the Snow White cake first and when it got to the point of writing, I some how mixed up the cake tickets. Luckily, I realized this when I got back to the Dora cake and realized I couldn't find the ticket because I had stuck it on Snow White AND that I had put the complete wrong thing. Four year old Jessica would have been pretty upset. But I easily fixed it and all was right in the world. But I had to get goin quick cause I had a special show to get to...

What show? The Halloween Spooktacular at the Bus Stop Cafe! It wasn't just special because it was a Halloween party, though. It was also the last show that we, J&TY, are going to be playing for a while. Due to my incredibly busy school schedule, I barely have time to do anything. If we didn't take this hiatus, I wouldn't have any time to write NEW music nor could we ever be able to record anything for the next album. So, reluctantly, I made the decision to stop booking shows for a while. It really added to my stress level the days prior. I know this break is a good thing, but it's still hard on me. As stressful as planning and playing shows can be, I still love it. I love the performing parts. Be that as it may, it was a really good show. Good friends came out to support and the audience was actually pretty full. Stupidly, I forgot the CD's. Pretty stupid thing to do at a last show.

But I digress, it was a really fun show. I wish they were all Halloween shows. I love dressing up crazy like. Lady Gaga has the right idea!

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