Saturday, October 3, 2009

More like bor-ientation

Orientation day. On one hand I was happy it finally was here, but on the other I was a little nervous. And the fact that October arrived so quickly didn't help. September slipped by in no time flat. Be that as it may, I got up at 6am, left a little late, hit a ton of rush hour traffic, but managed to arrive on time. This was no orientation led by Michael Scott. This was a bor-ientation. I nearly got some digits from this boy, Dom, who thought since I graduated in 2002 that I was about 30. I can't imagine why when he said, "Do you want my number?" I said, "No.. I'm not going to call you.." Anyway, good things did happen. I made a friend! At lunch, I sat down on a couch near this girl that looked like she was unlikely to bother me. I was wrong. BUT I'm glad that she did because we hit it off and wound up hanging out after orientation was over. Her name is Mollie and she's a pastry culinary major. The day was a lot better after lunch. Come to think of it, after lunch, everyone seemed a lot more friendly and awake. The magic of free food! Anyway, I got my classes and I'll be pretty much lost to the world on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday for the next 11 weeks. Stressful, but hopefully it'll be a good thing for me and lead to better things!

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