Saturday, October 17, 2009

We need more blankets

Due to my lingering vertigo, I was 25 minutes late for work. Because of this I was given the annoying task of making this Transformers cake. Surprisingly, the hardest part about it was transforming the car into the robot. I couldn't believe that I couldn't do it until I looked at the box and it said it was the most difficult level of transformation. I messed with that thing for SO long. It was such a triumph when I finally got it to work! I don't know how I did it, but I didn't not transform it back into a car just in case I couldn't figure it out again! I think the little cake dude came out alright. It wasn't easy. Hopefully that kid liked it. I wasn't too pleased with the final product. OH WELL.

After the show, I rushed home and got changed and set out to Philly to catch Dead Men's Bones. We thought we were late, but apparently the band was four hours late and they hadn't even let anyone inside by the time we got there. It was packed and we stood leaning against the wall through most of the talent show acts before DMB came out. I couldn't stand anymore and I went and sat down near the front. Couldn't see the whole stage, but I could see enough that I was happy. It was a sweet show. A theme show for sure. I wasn't going to take many pictures, and I really didn't, but I was trying to get some decent shots of that Ryan Gosling dude. Such a stand out act from the Mickey Mouse Club. Sings JUST like he did back then. Crazy. Hardly any difference at all. You wouldn't believe it if you saw it.

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