Saturday, August 28, 2010

It's new to moi

Had a very lazy day after a horrible migraine attack the night before. Despite my laziness, I did wash my new-old bike. If I wasn't so lazy I might have ridden it. The weather was perfect for it. But I think the tires need some air and that would have meant I had to go buy a bicycle pump and I was far too lazy for that business. Not to mention far too poor. But at least my bike is now presentable. So, here's presenting it. I definitely need to give my bike a name. Any suggestions?


e. Styles said...


jenell o' boogie said...

Your suggestion made me laugh! I admit it! I confess! I cannot lie!

But I think I'm going to go with Hudsucker. And if anything happens to my bike, I'll get Hudsucker a proxy.

thanks for your smashing suggestion! you're a true friend!