Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Midterms are a blast

Although I had to skip out on a trip to the beach with my mother, aunt, and uncle due to having far too much to do for midterm assignments, I still went down for dinner. I figured I should make the effort since my aunt doesn't come up from Texas too, too often and she's apparently moving to Washington state so I think those visits will be even lesser. My cousin and his little girl, Eva, came by as well. She's pretty cute and loves me because I've always got a lot of bracelets on every time I see her. She gets fixated. As you might have guessed, Gizmo was completely freaked out by her. At first he wanted to bark at her but then he just wanted to follow her around and stare at her. It got to the point where she'd crawl from the living room into the kitchen and back and he'd just slowly creep a few steps behind her. It was pretty funny. She loved it. She kept screaming with joy, which further freaked Gizmo out. He's the biggest wuss ever. He's scared of babies.

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