Sunday, August 22, 2010


Hit up a huge label party hosted by Columbia Records with Jamie. It's nice to be honored for our incredible contribution to the music business. It's about time. After all we did back in '07-'09. I was really flattered to be featured in the Columbia Records display case. We also killed at "Cornhole". I'm not into that name. I think I'll rename it, "Throw the Washy" instead. So, Jamie and I played Throw the Washy and were undefeated. It got pretty boring slaughtering all these other artists at Throw the Washy so we ditched and hit up the hottest joint around; the Cheesecake Factory. And what happened there? They put a damn spotlight on me at my seat! I can't go anywhere without being recognized anymore! But Jamie was working hard so I would forgive her for knowing Paramore songs by buying me a drink and some cheesecake. It worked! We're finally friends again! Cheesecake solves all problems! Except lying. It doesn't make people stop lying.

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