Thursday, August 26, 2010

a wild dog in wildwood

Since my one class of the day was canceled due to the School Picnic, Jamie, Gizmo and I went down to my aunt's gorgeous house in North Wildwood for some sun and fun. There wasn't much sun, but it was fun. Within less than an hour of arriving on Tuesday night, Gizmo found himself in the pool. He was running all around the backyard and I was trying to keep him away from the pool, but clearly he is not the next Messiah. When attempting to run across the pool, he discovered gravity. The following day he took a second dip while trying to just touch the water with his paw. Despite the fact that he was in twice, he was probably only in the water less than 30 seconds. I always pulled him right out. It scared me! I don't like to see him struggle! Maybe next summer I'll take him down and see if he'll actually swim a bit. It was really, really cold so there wasn't too much swimming going on. Just a day that showed me what it would be like to have a toddler. And I'm clearly not ready for no babies.

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Joseph M. Edwards said...

the middle photo, gizmo sticking his tongue out, is awesome!