Monday, May 21, 2007

bless you where ever you are

I spent today with my mother and grandmother, but mostly my mother. We seem to spend a lot of Sundays together since it's just about her only true day off. Except, that won't be the case soon. On Tuesday my mother is going to have a medically necessary surgical procedure performed and she'll be out of work for something like 6 weeks. She's never had surgery before. I've never had surgery before. She's expressed being nervous about it, but I tend to not say how I feel. Instead I just randomly cry at no particularly moving occasion. Mysteriously something will strike worry and I'll have a little cry. But being in a family of doctors, I've got to trust the medical field, or at least try to. Unfortunately, I watch far too much Grey's Anatomy and House and there's always crazy terrible things happening during surgery and I'm so spooked! Ugh! I wish McDreamy and Dr. Burke were her surgeons!


e. Styles said...

two things.
A) its not september nor is it 2006
B) you have the most photogenic mommy on earth. And i dont like to give kudos to other mommies aside from my own.

jenell o' boogie said...

A) fortunately for me, I didnt limit my post to a "picture-a-day" sort of thing so I don't have to use daily photos!
B) I know! she's so cute! unfortunately, she does not believe so. but maybe if everyone keeps telling her, she'll see it too!

e. Styles said...

a) Oh...nm then
b) i'll spread the word. Maybe i'll take out an add in the Oz weekly...right next to the classified ad "Alien searching for long lost abduct-ie. Must love writing, outer space, and anal probes."