Tuesday, May 29, 2007

i will meet you at the mouth

Today I did a bunch of things that are high on my "I do not like, Sam I am" list. I washed my hand washables, I put the dishes away, and I went to the Millville Rescue Squad. I spent the greater part of my day dealing with the hand washing situation. There was a ridiculous amount of hand washables to be washed since I put it off for so long. Practically a trash bag full. Later, I cleaned up around the kitchen and if you ever lived with me, you'd know I just hate putting dishes away. I don't know why. I just hate it. I'd rather wash them than have to put them away. But I did it. If I hadn't, who would have? I'm trying to help out. Sometimes helping out requires me to do lots of things that I don't like. Which leads us to me going to the Millville Rescue Squad. And by myself at that. My brother was supposed to have already done this, but didn't, so the baton was handed down to me. It wasn't very difficult and I lucked out and didn't run into anybody at all, but I still didn't like doing it. My mother is just terribly lucky I like her. And damn, my dog is adorable.

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e. Styles said...

is "Green Eggs N Ham" another thing on that list? or maybe it's just excessive jokes about sam, his eggs, and his ham?