Monday, May 28, 2007

hello, ive waited here for you

Killed some birds today with some stones. As in, while escaping the horribleness that is the Millville Airshow for the 3rd time this week, we were able to fill a little bit of Jamie's zoo void. The Cohanzick Zoo (aka the Bridgeton Zoo) may not be as big or awesome as the Philadelphia or Cape May zoo, and it may not have a reptile section, a small mammal center, or penguins, otters, and elephants, but it does have a white tiger, adorable monkeys, and lemurs that I could communicate with thanks to my knowledge of whine languages. Furthermore, I'm happy that now I have new, better memories to replace with the last memories I had of the Cohanzick Zoo. Last time I went, not only was it hot and my camera died, but I went with a total asshole. This time I only went with a partial ass. Vast improvement!

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