Wednesday, May 16, 2007

this body's a temple of doom

I have no good commentary for this picture or this day. But this picture amuses me so I'm going to post it since nothing eventful or amazing really happened today.
Here's an idea, you guys write a caption for this photo.
or not.
But I bet Ben Stiller would want you to "do it".


e. Styles said...

gizmo: why does eavvon have to come over, he always makes me angry!
The Dr.: You know...the zoo, you never take me anywhere anymore!
gizmo: a dog!
The Dr.: Always with excuses!
gizmo: Fine! I Hate You, BYE!!!
the Dr.: JK--you so got punk'd
gizmo: jamie is a bad influence....

Jamie said...

(jenell and gizmo after finding out jamie punched eavvon in the face after reading his "Caption")