Monday, May 14, 2007

what kind of fuckery is this?!

Today was a pretty good day. Then I got terrible news. Within months of discovering REM covered "#9 Dream", I heard that Christina "Xtina" Aguilera covered "Mother". I realize that there will ultimately be a wave of horrible butcherings of Lennon music in the next few months as there's some sort of John Lennon Save Darfur album coming out. I'm not exactly sure of the title or much else about it, but I'm sure it's out there somewhere just waiting to ruin future days.
It's hard for me to explain why I get so upset about covers; particularly Lennon covers. But Jamie dubbed it the "Fiona Apple Syndrome"; it's the effect that comes over me when I hear a cover of John Lennon which results in me being unable to listen to the artist that did the cover for an extended period of time. Being named after Fiona Apple as this was the first time the syndrome effected me. But undoubtly not the last!
I'm still just shocked. I can't believe XTINA did a cover of MOTHER. Not that any other song would have been a better choice... fudge rockets.


e. Styles said...

a whole album? fuckery indeed

Jamie said...

yeah the green day "working class hero" version is out there too.. but i didnt even get curious on that one.. that really just cannot be good at all... seriously.