Sunday, July 8, 2007

nothing is impossible to God

Today at the Millville Farmer's Market/Block Party, I nearly took the main stage and blew minds like Tenacious D, thanks to my unofficial manager, Bryan. Jamie and I were chilling at the Revelation Record booth selling the good word of JeNell when Bryan said he was going to try to get me up on the main stage. Though the thought made me puke anxiety, I agreed to the idea. But much to my relief, it didn't fold out because there wasn't enough time and obviously the acoustic act they already had did not want to give up any of his stage time. I can't say that I blame him. But anyway, the guy in charge took my information and said he would contact me. So, possibly, my Millville fame could potentially grow! Instead of one weird guy in a wheel chair, I could have two or three! Gah!


Jamie said...

that wheelchair dude is so celebrity in my mind.

e. Styles said...

I think you should sponsor a wheel chair basketball team. Then you could sing the national anthem at the beginning of the game!