Monday, July 23, 2007

somethin's comin over me

Here's a few photographic examples of what's been going on with me this weekend. Played a show with those Yet kids, went to the pier with that Matt person, and despite my constant dizziness today, I was still able to get my hands on a specialty item. Some may call it "(Forgive Me) My Little Flower Princess", but I would more call it a piece of my heart. Just like I wouldn't make sense with my mom or Gizmo, I also wouldn't make sense if not for John Lennon. So, I'm glad to have a piece of him to cherish. And with any $200 or more purchase, you get a pretty bad ass little t-shirt! Can't beat that shit with a stick!

1 comment:

e. Styles said...

technically, you could beat it with a stick, but it would destroy all that you hold dear, and whats the point of that?