Saturday, July 14, 2007

only people know just how to talk to people

Greenwich is a seaport town along the Cohansy River. It was first settled back in 1684 and by 1701 it had become one of the only three official ports of entry in New Jersey. Moreover, the small community on the Cohansy River was the site of the Greenwich Tea Party. Much like the Boston Tea Party, a load of tea meant to be sent overland into Philadelphia was torched in the night. Greenwich continued to thrive as an important Port of Entry during the revolution, but gradually other towns began to emerge as more important sites. Today it exists as a small, quiet and quaint bayside town steeped in history, Victorian houses and museums.

IN OTHER WORDS, Greenwich has a cool monument commemorating the Greenwich Tea Party (a point of interest), a random stray yellow labrador, a few cats, and is literally a "dead end".

This ends my history lesson for the day, thank you.


e. Styles said...

i feel so informed! this blog is going places!..unfortunately that place was a dead end...Ha.

e. Styles said...

id also like to add: "yay, puns!"