Saturday, September 15, 2007

forgiveness is a lot like saying sorry

Matt and Nathan must be incredibly bored people because for some weird reason when they heard that Jamie and I were going to the Oar House tonight, they both wanted to come. But it was totally awesome because the best cover band in Millville was playing. Yeah, that's right, Subculture! They're going to be even more amazing at the Pumpkin Show on October 13th. Why? Cuz I got majority vote; I'm going to be making a cameo and singing on a few songs! Considering how long it's taking me to get Jimmy in gear with the Yets, this cameo in Subculture may be my first ever performance with a live band where I get to just sing! So excited! And completely off topic, look at Jamie's adorable Coronita. It's a beer cute enough for kids! Kid sized; Jamie approved!

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