Monday, September 10, 2007

those flashing lights come from everywhere

Despite the fact that this video was taken on my mother's camera, she was for some reason unable to know how to delete things off of it? I forgot to do it but when you start filming something and it says the memory is empty then you should just delete a few things. I could see if there was a lot of things on it that you haven't saved on the computer yet, but there was a whopping 4 other things on the camera. Why was there no memory? Because there was two other videos on there. The ones from the Bus Stop Cafe that came out too dark. Which just goes to show you how often they use that camera. Had they picked it up one time to use it, they would have had to delete something off to use it. Annoying? Yes. Should I fire her again? I want to, but normally she's the only one there to do the job! Lisa, be our filmographer already! It's getting sad! Who am I kidding? It's long past sad!

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Lisa said...

geez i've been saying that all along! ok i'll put my 2 weeks in and then i'll be all yours!