Wednesday, September 12, 2007

is that what you'd want to view?

Jamie found out the hard way that the House of Blues in Atlantic City has a seriously strict camera restriction, but with my meager camera on my phone I took this. It's crazy weird to attend an AOM show where I can hardly see, they only play 5 songs, and I'm surrounded by a bunch of Used fans. It's crazy weirder yet to be asked when my birthday is by some stranger in the casino. And even crazy weirderer to walk away from the person and then be stopped by him again and then slip away again only to be followed to the bathroom and then SCARY weird crazy to see the same dude WAITING FOR US TO COME OUT! But, luckily, we lost crazy stalker guy by pretending we were way busy and important on our cell phones and escaping back to the HOB area where he could not follow! But even more crazy weirdererer? The stalker was Vintz in disguise!!!!!!! WHA CHA!

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Jamie said...

i thought it was funny the guy wanted to know our signs. thats so funny. "Oh you mena like bon jovi?" "No i mean good rock music" hahahahhaha