Tuesday, September 4, 2007

man, i wish bryan adams was still awesome

Went shopping with my mom and Jamie today. There was some crazy traffic, but without a doubt that "labor day crackdown" really helped keep the peace on the highways.

We all got a few things, which is making me think I definitely need to go through my dresser and throw away some shit I never wear. Yeah, it could happen.

I had a somewhat terrible headache from the horrible stench of some perfume in Urban Outfitters that didn't quit until about 11pm, but that didn't stop my mother from running through a trillion possible things she may or may not wear her new shoes with tomorrow.

I might as well be her personal stylist. But that's fine with me as long as she keeps up her end of our deal and wears in all my shoes when I'm a huge star. Or at least lets me wear her flip flops when my shoes destroy my feet. :)

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Jamie said...

i need to throw away clothes too. i think thats part of my hate for putting away clothes. My drawers are so small and my closet is pretty full... maybe throwing away some would help my problem. Some I haven't touched in awhile too.. and isn't that the rule or something?