Tuesday, June 26, 2007

cheese fries, 3 o' clock

Gizmo and I went on our first walk of 2007 today. It was clear within moments of leaving the house that Gizmo is terribly out of practice. Instead of exerting his freedom, he kept trying to jump into my arms. But soon he got the idea and we strolled on up the street. Not very far, but you don't have to walk far on Main Street before some asshole in a pick-up honks. Which I hate. That annoyance aside, Gizmo was very well behaved. Some kids went by on bikes and he didn't bark! It's a good thing he didn't because later we were chilling on the front porch when my neighbor came out for her hourly cigarette and he tried to bark. When I say "tried" I mean that he barked and Mr. Bark Collar said, "HALT" and by God, Giz listened! In fact, he was so terrified of the mighty hand of Officer Collar, that he crawled into my lap and clung to me like white on rice. So, maybe this bark collar thing will work in NYC after all! yay :)


e. Styles said...

theres hope!

Jamie said...

ha i love happy dog/owner pictures in front of cemetary backgrounds!