Saturday, June 16, 2007

shut your mouth, try not to panic

This is when my brain broke. We thought that the problem would be my mouth, but no, apparently the real problem is my brain. I flat out could not remember the second chord in "Zoee and Gizmo" which is just beyond retardation. That's one of my songs that I never wrote down the chords because the chords came so naturally and in such a progression that I've never had to think about them. Well, tonight, I forgot it. Lesson learned about not writing the chords down. But, there is a happy ending! I finally figured it out and the show was saved! Thank God my songs aren't complex!

and incase anyone that follows this blog is wondering, Gizmo is okay. Took him to the vet and the general diagnosis is that he pulled a muscle. No torn tendons or anything so now he's just on anti-inflammatory medication. Just like me! Dog and owner really do start to take on each other's qualities...

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Jamie said...

minors and majors. pah.