Monday, June 25, 2007

how stupid of me to leave my guitar there!

"California Salad" ingredients as described on the menu: lettuce, cucumbers, eggs, tomatoes, croutons, and chicken
"California Salad" ingredients in the actual salad I received: lettuce, cucumbers, eggs, tomatoes, croutons, chicken, onions, green peppers, olives, hot peppers, and... a.. pickle?

Not only did the cook maybe over do it with the salad ingredient wise, but I think that that salad came from the same island as King Kong. Everything was HUGE! Kong sized even! The croutons looked like dinner rolls! Furthermore, has anyone ever gotten a deli pickle in their salad? Is that weird or is that just me? Seriously, a pickle? I'm surprised I didn't get a side of chips too.


e. Styles said...

the chips were stuffed inside either the chicken, or the dinner rolls

Jamie said...

i got a salad there once too and they did the same thing! they like over did it! I remember we were laughing about it and saying they must of really loved me and such. SO i guess they're over me and onto you *SIGH* ohhhh weeell

Jamie said...

.... if that's the place i'm thinking of that is :D