Tuesday, June 19, 2007

what's a bi-law?

Nothing particularly special happened today. Had trouble sleeping so I got up at 8am and sat with an ice pack on my mouth for most of the morning. Took some Dilaudid, did my laundry, took a shower, went to Target, had mac 'n cheese, went to Bennigan's with Jamie, and came home and put the ice pack back on my mouth. That's about it. My life is so thrilling. And this is BEFORE Jamie and my parents both go on vacation on the same week! Ah well. Check how cute my dog is anyway.


Jamie said...

get your mouth better i need to go buy clothes/a computer bag thing/a hair clip/books and i dont wanna go ALONE, i said NO NO NO

ps. it's a local law.

e. Styles said...

at least now you can throw that house party dan has always been wanting!!

jenell o' boogie said...

it's ben stiller that wanted to know what a bi-law was. I'll try to pass it on if I ever meet him.

and no, I'm not having a house party for dan! he wouldn't like it if Jamie wasn't there anyway

e. Styles said...

true...and even truer love! cue floating hearts.