Sunday, June 17, 2007

you wanna roll with a player, lets go

Though some things didn't exactly go my way yesterday, somethings worked out perfectly! I think the show went well and people that weren't my family or friends actually came out for the event. Yes, a few people just came out because they liked what they saw ON DA STREET. holler. And Eavvon actually accomplished in making a good surprise for once! ;) It really worked to his advantage because I was so stressed about the show and the drum situation that I completely forgot momentarily that he said he was coming so it felt like a very genuine surprise! Nice one, team! But yesterday was a pretty awesome day all in all. Now if this mouth ulcer could go away I could get back to my old self again and that'd be even awesome-er.

thanks to everyone that came out!


Jamie said...

word.. when eavvon came in i was like, "oh yeah the surprise!" and i thought you said, "adam" so i thought you made a secret friend and everything and i had to look around people and saw eavvon and i was like, "OH YEAH" so it was a GOOD one

e. Styles said...

I'm glad my showing up was appreciated.