Sunday, June 24, 2007

our first day has just floated away

Despite the fact that all I basically did today was work, I had a unique day. When I woke up, I discovered that I was the lucky recipient of a big nasty spider bite on the back of my thigh. I guess I shouldn't be surprised considering all the spiders at the show yesterday. But the fun doesn't stop there! Then I went on the back porch today to find that Zoee had left me a gift. A dead frog. I was grossed out, but I let it be and went about my day. But Zoee insisted on me accepting this gift and next thing I knew, there was Mr. Dead Frog behind my chair. Luckily, when I went toward the back door, she picked him up and took him out back again. After much back and forth (as in me pushing it across the yard with the rake and Zoee getting it and bringing it back despite how I hid it or disciplined her), I finally had to just bury the frog. Which is maybe all Zoee really wanted me to do. To give her amphibian friend a final resting place. Though, I tend to think she was just getting a taste of foreign cuisine.

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Jamie said...

still disgusting!