Saturday, June 23, 2007

it's not the size of the fight in the dog, yada-yada-yada

If you missed my gig at the Bridgeton Farmer's Market, let me tell you, you didn't miss much. It was slow, windy as fuck, and there was spiders all over my music stand. But someone did tell me my music reminded them of a female Bob Dylan. Hopefully he didnt mean my vocals. Also, I made a few bucks and I got free freshly squeezed lemonade with strawberries. Moreover, I can always look back when I'm playing sold out shows and remember the day that I played to the applause of two people; one of them being part of my "crew". I surely hope the attendance for my Borders show on July 6th at 7pm (plug, plug) is a bit better!


Jamie said...

is that anywhere near brenner's? THAT DOESNT LOOK FAMILIAR! uhmmm oh but i'll be at that border's show.. so that's at LEAST 1 and if matt comes thats 2. we're getting somewhere!

jenell o' boogie said...

yeah, it's across the street from Brennar's along the riverfront. There's a big parking lot.. and then there's a walk way next to the river.. that's where I am. I'll show you one day. It's a lovely area, actually.