Tuesday, October 2, 2007

ew, she shot him in the head.

Gizmo and I have taken a few walks through Mt. Pleasant Cemetery recently. It's basically across the street from my house and it's a good place to take a quiet walk so Gizmo doesn't get honked at so much. While we were there today, I was inspired to make a little something. I don't have the same sort of camera functions on my camera as Jamie does so this isn't anywhere near as cool as the teaser she made, but I just thought it was a cool way to show a panoramic view of our old hometown cemetery. Whenever I'm there, I try to find the oldest gravestone that I can and today I found one with someone born in 1760. I thought that was pretty awesome. I need to get over this cold so I can do musical things instead of time wasters!

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Jamie said...

i dig the video! I watched it again today and i get the circular feel you were talking about. I like it though, and i really appreciate the song hahaha.