Wednesday, October 24, 2007

take the money and run

If you had a rare gem, where would you hide it? Well, if you were Jamie, you'd hide it right in plain view! You'd dangle it right from your rear view mirror in your car leaving it open to being stolen at any given moment! And if you were Jamie, you wouldn't even notice it was missing! If you were Jamie, you'd be more worried about your lite rock lanyards!
I just don't understand some people. No respect for priceless jewels. Some people don't deserve to have them if they aren't going to appreciate and care for them!


Jamie said...

i really dont think i could get another one if that one was stolen. perhaps i should be more careful with it all things considered..

thanks for the valuble lesson.

e. Styles said...

this seems very "afternoon special" to me

the bloggiest said...

love that necklace. love it!