Friday, October 12, 2007

will nature adapt to that outfit?

The weather lately has been crazy. Just Sunday the weather was lovely and warm and nice enough to be chilling in Wildwood without a jacket (as my mother is in the photo). And then the heavens opened on Tuesday and it rained and rained until it got cold. I didn't really mind the thunder and lightening and strong wind until my mother got on a plane this morning to go to Texas. Then I tossed and turned and panicked in my bed until she landed safely. Miss her already!
On another completely different note, Ye Old "GOAR" House friggin' loves JeNell & the Yets! Pitch, time, and pocket are killin' it lately!

1 comment:

Jamie said...

even monday it was nice. i brought my coat thinig just in case it was cold but nope! SO NICE.

and i love your mom's shoessss