Saturday, October 20, 2007

my sweet little religion you mean everything to me

Good Charlotte shows in Maryland? Sub-par.
Army of Me shows in Maryland? Fan-tastic!

There was fans being brought up to dance on stage and fans getting personally serenaded and special performances of "Better Run" and "Be By". It's too bad Nathan didn't attend THIS show because it blew their show at the North Star Bar away! Though, I'd like to exchange bar environments. There's this thing that they do in Baltimore that I haven't seen in for months. I think it's called "smoking". I've been absolutely spoiled by NJ state laws. People at Fletcher's were all, "Sucks to your as-mar!" and then they were pretty concerned about "curfew" and getting people out....these are all things I just do not condone. I didn't drive 2 hrs for this sort of under 21 treatment!


Jamie said...

so sad i wasnt called upon to be a go-go dancer.
and also so sad that my clothes smelled like smoke at the end of the night!

jenell o' boogie said...

well, you'd have upstaged the whole show if you'd gone up there!
and seriously, even my bag stunked.