Saturday, October 27, 2007

your kind of music? absolutely.

Played a show tonight at the Fuel House Coffee Co with my band. It was a really nice place, I must say. And a pretty good time despite it being basically empty until the last five or so songs, the fact that I practically lost my voice, Jamie lost a very long piece of hair, and Nathan fell asleep at his drums and was thus immediately fired from the band. But, it's okay, we went to the Oar House later to find Randy (the dastardly crank caller of Millville) and instead found a new drummer (pictured)! His name is Ferrari and he's the coolest guy....ever. We're gonna blow the fuck up, but in a good way.


Jamie said...

fuckin ferrari, man!!!!! so much cooler than Nathan!!!

the bloggiest said...

Oh I remember the whole replacement thing now. Jenell you won't know what im talking about unless you read my comment on jamie's blog. Jamie, you will never be aware of my realization unless you read this comment. I hope you all figure this out. Ferrari is the man. I'm glad he's in the band.