Thursday, October 4, 2007

you always did have such good pants on

I took this photo today during a lovely brisk walk with Gizmo, Zoee, and my busy and important mother. It's pretty obvious when you look at these photos close up which end is really up, but before you do click to enlarge them, have a guess! Though I know ya'll are going to lie. Bert McCrakin told me about people like you!

And is it just me or is it totally crazy that such beautiful landscape is in MILLVILLE? But, if you want to visit this spot yourself, wear bug spray. I came home with a seriously swollen hand after the mosquitoes attempted to devour me hand first.


Lisa said...

ok i can admit it, i was totally wrong on which one was right until i enlarged it. i did just wake up from a nap though...

Jamie said...

yeah i had to enlarge too.

but its cool! thats like that place i went to on one side of union lake.. i couldnt believe that a place like that was in millville. there's like hidden treasures.